Our Stylists

We are artists, technicians and inventors who, honestly, have been around the beauty-industry block more than a few times. But the talent and atmosphere at Shine represents the best of all worlds. Although we consider ourselves part of a team, we enjoy the freedom of using our individual experiences and philosophies to keep things personal. We're not out to impress anybody except our clients (and ourselves, of course). We invite you to come and enjoy the awesome environment here in the Pike Place Market, especially our unique neighbors with whom we share the Inn's courtyard. You can also get your hair done.



Emily Curran/ Owner

Many years ago, I got in trouble for cutting my little sister's hair. Then I got in trouble for dying her hair black. But... 


Akiko Biely

I am originally from Tokyo but studied at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. I have been doing hair since the early '90s.


Oscar A. Davila.

I am an enthusiastic and energetic individual citizen of the world. Full of dreams that are step by step becoming real, with hard work ... great attitude in life is key to be happy on this planet.

I love to learn new things every day that makes me move, change and open my mind to become a better me, better human.... to understand a different point of view and at the same time share my point of view, we can agree to disagree but always give a chance to listen. I am fluent in Spanish and my French is pretty good, too. Always friendly... that is me.... Oscar.

Brooke Harrison

I started cutting my brother's hair on the front porch in high school. Eventually, I found myself in Seattle working as a receptionist at a salon. I always watched everyone working. They finally told me I should just go to cosmetology school already!

So, I did. I worked at Shine as a receptionist while I attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. After graduation, I apprenticed with Devan White for two years.

I do both cuts and color, though I particularly enjoy long, layered haircuts.

Robert Lince

Honestly, I never grew up dreaming of becoming a hairdresser. My childhood dreams had me becoming a motorcycle racer or Formula 1 driver. These are now passions I pursue in my spare time.


Heidi Lutap

To me, nothing is more rewarding than making people look and feel their best. I absolutely love my job of talking with people and finding a look that is perfect for them. I've been doing hair since 2003 and I love the challenge of trying new things and learning new techniques.

Stacy Torgerson

Devan White

Since graduating from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 1998, Devan has fast-tracked towards her vision of making a name for herself in her industry.


Monica Wilson

Growing up, I always hated my thick, curly hair.